Creative Intelligence
An open, scalable and flexible platform for building
epic real-time virtual experiences
Immersively interactive
Zenapptic.ai is an AI-powered real-time virtual experience platform that can turn any kind of live event into an immersive experience. Zenapptic.ai connects users with real-time content to drive interactive visual experiences across a wide range of screens and devices, including smartphones, web browsers, VR/AR goggles, smart TVs, interactive video walls, giant outdoor screens, and broadcast graphics systems.
Smart communities
Zenapptic.ai lets users share and interact with other users in "smart" virtual communities of any size, from a handful of users in a single location to millions of users spread around the world. Communities can be based on location, demographics, subject matter, user preferences, or combinations of metrics that determine what members of each community can do in their virtual environment.
Connected everything
The Zenapptic.ai ZenBridgeTM acts as a hub that connects users to an unlimited array of devices, data sources, and external systems. Virtually anything with an API can be connected to the ZenBridge, using whatever communication medium is available. Examples include IoT devices, sensors, location tracking systems, databases, social media, and any other type of online content source.
Intelligent data
The Zenapptic.ai platform tracks every aspect of the virtual experience, generating datasets of user information that can be used to feed AI machine learning models and create powerful analytics dashboards. The platform's AI layer can also be used to generate real-time triggers and events throughout the system, creating a layer of automation that responds to rules and patterns in the underlying datasets.
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